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Asia's Ultimate Matchmaker to Millionaires has successfully helped more than 1000 CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and bankers find their happy marriages. Could you be next?
From The Desk Of Anisa Hassan 

Dear Affluent Reader,

Sometimes, being on top can be lonelyWe can get lucky in our careers and reach the peak of our successes, but there are just moments in life that are best when shared. Being with someone makes each personal triumphs sweeter - when you have someone, it’s no longer just about you achieving things, but it's also about being happy and sharing that happiness with someone that you love and care for.

I understand that most people find it hard to find their match; their equal partner, especially when you’re someone that’s so driven in life. It might be a challenge, but much like other goals, it is achievable when you put your time and effort into it. 

Plus, you value your privacy and don't want the whole world to know that you're looking for a companion. Imagine being "swiped left" by a subordinate in the office who now knows intimate, personal details about you. I know how important it is to keep your private lives private and hundreds of men and a handful of women have entrusted me with this very personal task.

Well, I have helped out a substantial number of business owners, high net-worth individuals and highly successful individuals find their partners and spouses. I have been in this industry for almost 20 years, written sought-after guidebooks, and has given talks to thousands of people about finding the “one”. And I can guarantee you, I could also help you find yours.

If you work with me, I will become your ultimate, personal matchmaker. Unlike other matchmaking services, I don't rely on fancy algorithms. I still stand by through the tried and tested interview method, taking the time to engage and know the perfect one for you; someone who will satisfy your needs and set your heart on fire. I am not searching for someone temporary - I am looking for someone who will stick with you through good and bad times and make you happy.

I can guarantee you a Minimum of 6 high quality dates in 12 months

These are not just any other dates - these are carefully selected moments that could help you find your one true love.
I know you might ask, how is this even possible? Let me share with you our process so you can understand what you’ll be signing up for (and why you definitely should sign up) 
I will never lead you on blindly. As I’ve mentioned, I only want to find someone who’s best for you and that starts with me understanding who you are, your needs, your parameters, your aspirations. I would work with you personally to further understand your personality, values, hopes, and dreams, so I can provide you with the right list of possible candidates who are beautiful inside and out.

Don’t worry, though. This will not take much of your time. In just 60 minutes, I will be able to get the information that I might need to get started. After helping out hundreds of high net worth individuals to find their true love, I already know what to look for and how to get the most accurate results fast. All you need to do is answer some questions and I will do the heavy lifting for you. While it might be a little nerve-wrecking to share your innermost thoughts, our questionnaires can garner better results if your answers are honest and transparent.
By the end of our initial meeting, you’ll be able to get a lot of insights and I’ll share these things with you:
  • My personal ‘black book’ of high-value contacts. This is not just a list of names, but this is the same contacts that hundreds of high-level C-suite executives, HNWIs and business owners have relied on to find their true love since 2004. It contains some of the best male and female candidates in Asia and around the globe.
  • Insights to identify compatible matches for you. With my decades worth of experience, I already know exactly who you’ll get along with, who you won’t be too fond of, and which person you’ll fall for instantly. After the session, you’ll get insights and a few ideas of how you can make the most out of what we can offer to you.
After the initial assessment, I will be setting up an interview with potential candidates. I’ll be personally evaluating them in great detail, to determine whether you two would be good for each other for the long haul. As I’ve said, I am not looking for someone temporary - I am here to help you find someone who would be with you through thick and thin and most importantly, make you happy :)
Finally, the most important and special of it all, I will arrange a time and place for you and the potential candidate to meet. The set up can be customized to your level of comfort and if the location is outside of Singapore, a chief protocol officer will help ensure that the date comes together beautifully. We want to ensure that the experience would let you feel the ‘sparks’ of love. To date, we have set up dates in Jakarta, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia and even Dubai & Qatar.

We will continue this process until you’ve found the ‘one’. That one person who just gets you. That one person who just feels like someone that you’ve known since forever. And based on our previous experiences, this won’t really take too long. It starts with you trusting the process. 
"Yes, finding love really is that simple. Are you willing to take this opportunity and find your perfect soulmate?"
Enrol in my BLACK LABEL MEMBERSHIP and start exploring the world and finding that one person for you.
I know you might be wondering, “is this really for me?”. Think about this: most millionaires and high net-worth individuals who use non-personalized online dating sites are at risk of wasting precious time with the wrong people or even getting unfortunate and end up being manipulated and used for their money. Algorithms nowadays may be advanced, but it’s not a foolproof way that you will find someone worth your time and effort.

With my method, it’s perfectly safe and highly personalized, and you can avoid all those unnecessary inconveniences. Additionally, we have strict rules on protecting the privacy of our clients, and with hundreds of successful work that we’ve done with high profile people, we can assure that you are in good hands.

You will also be getting a unique access to a pool of high caliber and high-quality candidates who would fit you perfectly. This is an unmatched pool of verified candidates that you can never find anywhere else.
Black Label Membership is a unique and one of a kind experience that will help you to TRULY FIND THE ONE. We are MOST TRUSTED & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED when it comes to finding your true love.
Listen to what others have to say…
Valerie and Mike 
“Both of us have tried dating online and we really think that the connection was not as deep as what we had wanted to. We are not just interested in another dating service where there are just many people to meet. We wanted someone to look out for us and really tell us the truth about the person we’re matched with. DHF Black Label is a safe way to be introduced to other singles who are equally serious. We share many common interests and aspirations and we're thankful that the team is patient and listen to our needs. Small price to pay but a great investment indeed.” 
“Being a managing director, I lead a busy and stressful life and corresponding randomly over the internet with singles drained me of my time and energy. I was married before and was going into my eighth year of being single again, before I decided to start looking for a partner again. I have been offered many well intentioned introductions by my friends but it always got complicated when they were not really an impartial observer. I decided to engage the matchmakers at DHF as I had wanted a more professional approach to finding someone who’s compatible with me. 

During the interview, the matchmaker asked me a series of questions to get past the walls which I have built to surround myself. They were not tricky questions but they made me reflect on what truly matters to me. True to their promise, they matched me with Suri as my third introduction. We simply clicked in many aspects and got married on our 7th year, of our first date anniversary. 

It was magical! My matchmaker simply asked me to be honest about who I am and encouraged me to be myself. While nothing was guaranteed or promised other than they would do their best, I am completely grateful for their help. Based on my personal experience and success, I completely and wholeheartedly recommend DHF Black Label with one caution – be very sure that you’re serious about finding your one true love because the matchmakers may just find them for you, faster than you think!” 
Suri and James 
Eve and Andrew
“I knew I wanted to broaden my social circle in order to find my soulmate but I did not want to meet just about anybody… I wanted to meet “good people” who have the intention of settling down. My matchmaker took me through the whole process and made me feel comfortable as she had wanted to meet my expectations and match me according to interests and physical compatibility. 

I couldn’t believe that the first introduction they made was a real spot on! I must be very lucky as they had cautioned me against thinking this way. Andrew and I were very comfortable with each other right from the start of our meeting and we chatted for many hours and went for ice cream after dinner. We met up quickly for the second, third and fourth date and the rest they say, is history. This could not have been possible had I not invested the time and resources to hire the professionals at DHF. It was an excellent way to meet high caliber singles especially when one doesn’t get to socialize very much due to work. I was just keeping an open mind about the process but the matchmakers delivered the results I wasn’t expecting so soon. 

Meeting my husband through DHF was a real gift and I have shared my experience with many more friends and highly recommended my sister too!” 
"If getting married is not your goal, then we might not be the right match. What I look for is someone who’s committed into looking towards the future - towards finding a relationship that will last a lifetime."
But don’t wait until things are too late.
Just think about the cost of your inaction:
  • You will continue slaving away with your work that never seem to stop making demands on you...
  • You will feel a sense of loss and awkwardness at social events being surrounded by friends who appear to be more fulfilled and lead happier lives with their spouses and family...
  • You will continue to struggle with the wrong kind of people who never seem to understand your real needs...
  • You will be wary of all the people who may be showing some interests in you...
  • You will continue wasting precious time swiping left and right and going through endless matches that don't meed your standards and requirements
  • You will not reach the pinnacle of your life’s purpose because you have not experienced what it feels like to love and be loved, unconditionally... 
  • You will live with the false belief that you can have everything in life, except love...
  • You will never know what it feels like to share your life with an amazing person who love, respect, adore and need you for the right reasons...
  • You will compromise on your safety and privacy as you trawl the dating scene, unassisted.
So, before you shut the door on this possible avenue that could turn your life around by next year, why don’t you carefully consider the perks of working with a bonafide matchmaker who has paired more than 1000 couples for the last 17 years? Yes, you could be my next success story!
Aside from being able to find your soulmate through our services, you’ll also get these awesome perks when you sign up:
  • Tap into my black book for some of the most sophisticated candidates that I know of. 
  • Explore opportunities for finding someone through my extended affiliate connections in Tokyo, London, Silicon Valley and New York City.
  • I can help you work at removing your limiting beliefs about past experiences and help you create an empowering and fresh perspective on love
  • Convenient check-ins and a higher level of personal access to me
  • Access to the full profile of candidates including my personal assessments and endorsement of your compatibility with each other
  • Have a chief protocol officer facilitate the meeting if your date is based in a city outside of Singapore
  • Post-date reviews to fine tune my upcoming selections for you
  • Guide and cheer you on as you develop a more serious and committed relationship
  • Attend your grand wedding! :)
My time is valuable and I’m highly selective about who I work with. I also want to give only the best to my clients, and while I would love to help out as many people as I can, I can only choose a handful to take on. That’s why the BLACK LABEL MEMBERSHIP is a highly exclusive circle. It’s also an investment that might not be for everyone. 

With the Black Label Membership, you build a personal relationship with me. Apart from having me as your central point of contact, you will also get service, advice and opportunities. Understanding how complicated life can be when you’re playing at the highest level, I will take your personal life into my own hands to ensure you get the highest service standard. Leave me to do what I’m best at doing while you take care of things that matter most to you. 
Here’s how you can tell if it’s for you:
  • You demand the best in life and you understand that the best comes with a cost. The membership is highly customized for you and you will be sure to receive only the best service known to man..
  • You desire FAST results and don’t want to deal with hiccups and more frustrations. We will deliver you a minimum of six high quality dates in twelve months with some of the most amazing matches that you’ll ever find. No other luxury matchmaking service can provide this type of VIP, concierge service. Trust me, I’ve checked.
  • You only want to work with Asia’s ultimate matchmakers for millionaires, HNWIs, and ultra HNWIs. You’ll get direct access to me around the clock. I won’t rest until you’ve found the one who sets your heart on fire. That’s my promise to you.
If you value your time and would only want the best experience with the best selection of candidates, then the Black Label Membership is the one for you.
Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to work in finding your perfect match, shall we?
Let’s schedule a call to discuss your needs and let’s get you started on the road to finding the one, just sign up here. Spots are limited and clients are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

As I mentioned, I am committed to giving you a high level of care and focused attention, thus, I do not intend to work with more than 4 new members in a month.

There’s no fee to start a conversation with me or my team of matchmakers. All we want to do is to have an in-depth conversation with serious and committed people to begin the process that allows us both to determine mutual compatibility. You don’t have to take my word for it. Let’s just take the first step. 

With deepest gratitude,
Anisa Hassan
Founder of Date High Flyers
Asia’s Ultimate Matchmaker to Business Owners, Millionaires and HNWIs
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