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FAQs: Luxury Matchmaking for High Flyers

Our clients inform us that DHF gives them a safe environment to meet like-minded professionals who have marriage in mind. We eliminate the uncertainties of you meeting someone new because we attract members who share similar objectives and aspirations.

Both our luxe and black label members enjoy the comfort of having a real matchmaker who look out for your best interests. We understand how busy your life is, that’s why we show you the value of saving you time and recommending possibilities who are closest to your preferences. For our international clients who are expatriates in Singapore, we give you that familiar feeling that you’re in the right place and with the right crowd.

Our clients consist of local and international professionals who are mainly residing in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Over 80% of our clients live and work in Singapore, however many have international backgrounds.

Our clients are also willing to travel the distance and come to Singapore to meet potential matches. They understand that while location-based dating is easy, it doesn’t always make the match compatible.

Our male clients are between 35 and 70 and they are generally fit and athletic with the long term view of settling down.

Meanwhile, our female clients start from early 30s and there are equally elegant and well-put together women right into mid-60s.

You may be single and never married, divorced, widowed and legally separated. You tend to have strong academic backgrounds with most having degrees from pedigree Universities and almost all tend to lead busy, professional lives. You lead healthy lifestyles and enjoy a good quality of life where travelling for new experiences feature prominently.

In fact, you have everything in life, except a good, compatible partner to share that life with. There's nothing frivolous about your lives and casual hook-ups don't impress you. That's why you engage the professionals to get you the results that you deserve.

DHF has a significant number of female clients in their early 30s and 40s while there are more male clients in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

As we cater for an international group of clientele, our client base is an accurate reflection of the worldwide phenomenon.

Our initial consultation is conducted over the phone or over skype. This will take between 10 and 15 minutes to have the first impression whether we're a good fit for each other. We’d like to know a bit more about you and to see if you’d also fit into the demands of our existing clients.

Your eligibility depends on your requirements and preferences. We love working with clients who have flexible parameters and are open to our professional recommendations. Both of us must be confident that we could work together as a team.

This is the second phase of us getting to know you deeper. During our meeting (either in person or over Skype) we will identify your relationship goals, determine your current status and where your starting point is. You will tell us what's important to you in a partner and establish your key search criteria.

Our matchmaker will also help you identify what has been standing in the way of you reaching your goal. Then our matchmaker will help you identify how to get from where you are to where you want to be. This phase is crucial as you get to be honest with us and likewise, we will also inform you if you have a high propensity of meeting someone through our DHF service. This is a good way for us to also verify you as a credible individual. Know that we do this for ALL our clients so you can always trust our process.

Our clients form a very tight group in the DHF Club and many enrol with us after being referred by friends, family members and colleagues. Almost all our clients are professionals - some with stellar careers and others with noble ones. We will take into consideration many factors (not just professions and earning capacities) as factors to accept you as a member. Clients who have very open parameters are always welcomed because your preferences determine a substantial part of the results we can bring to you. Please note that we WILL NOT match you according to race or religion alone. This is because we are a community of high-flying professionals, intent in finding a long term partner for marriage.

We understand your concern and we assure you that all our clients are personally approved and verified by us. Unlike other dating or matchmaking services, DHF processes applications for approval. Ours is a PAID SERVICE and all our clients’ confidentiality has to be protected. You will be able to view profiles and pictures only AFTER you're enrolled as a member. This is a personalized service that considers every client as an individual and this goes beyond looks alone. We invest our time and effort getting to know you and your needs. Our approach may or may not resonate with you but if you're making your decision based on pictures, please consider the many dating apps that are out there.

As the Founder of this luxury matchmaking service, Anisa Hassan has clocked more than 10,000 hours meeting and matchmaking clients. She has spent close to 2 decades as a matchmaker with a Number 1 dating agency in the world between 2003 and 2017. She has also authored two dating guide books and has conducted many public workshops on “Stressless dating solution for women” in Singapore and throughout the region. Having a background in journalism and international relations, Anisa also pens her thoughts on relationships regularly for regional publications like The Jakarta Globe, AsiaOne, IS Magazine and Jetstar Asia. She was also a regular guest on Singapore's News Radio 938 Now.

To date, Anisa has successfully paired more than a thousand clients who got married or are in committed relationships as a result of her intuitive matchmaking competencies.

The luxe membership guarantees a personalized introduction of 5 dates in six months while the Black Label membership is a fully customized matchmaking solution for the highly discerning individual and this carries a one year term. For our black label membership in particular, we go the extra mile to search, headhunt, select and match you with individuals from within our database and our close-knit network. If you are enquiring from outside of Singapore, you're only eligible for our Black Label membership.

Whether you’re Luxe or Black Label members, we advise that you go through the full term of the membership prior to making any such requests. We will need to understand how your expectations have not been met and will work at rectifying the situation to delight and satisfy you. We are a matchmaking service for clients who have marriage in mind and we know our clients take this process very seriously.

We are an international agency that has built a global reputation and our refund policy is fair, considering the time and effort we invest in helping you find your match. We are not a local agency and are therefore not required to be part of the local, accreditation agency.

Our membership fees have different tiers depending on the experience and effectiveness of our consultants. However, we highly encourage a face to face meeting with our Consultants to understand your needs and preferences first. After all, we must be confident that our service can meet your requirements.

For our black label clients, Anisa Hassan works with a select number of discerning clients (generally men) and assists them in their search for their life partner / spouse. Working with Anisa means, you get to tap into her wide network of partners and affiliates from various offices worldwide, that can effectively identify the right connection and the right match for you. Only engage Anisa Hassan if you're serious about the result you're looking for. This valuable service is exclusive because membership has its privileges. Discuss with her personally to customize your needs.

This is a service where you can enjoy the comfort of having a real matchmaker who will look out for you. We understand how busy your life is, that’s why we show you the value of saving you time and recommending possibilities who are closest to your preferences. For our international clients who are expatriates in Singapore, we give you that familiar feeling that you’re in the right place and with the right crowd.

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