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Game, Set and Match – the art and science of matchmaking

In a social media world, where you can swipe right to make a match, finding the right person to marry requires a much more old-fashioned approach says this professional matchmaker. Anisa Hassan, Founder, Date High Flyers SINGAPORE:After spending between eight and 10 hours at work as a professional matchmaker, the last thing I want to…
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5 Successful Online Dating Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Love

Online dating used to have a bad rep, but thanks to the increasing social acceptance of dating apps and websites, the dating landscape has totally changed. More and more people are meeting their perfect matches online and we’re suckers for a good love story borne of pixels. If you’ve been on the online dating scene…
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8 Ways To Love Fearlessly Even After A Divorce or Breakup

Let’s be real: divorces and breakups are messy and painful and the last thing we can conceive of doing after one is jumping back into the dating game. It can take months or even years before you find you are able to open yourself up to someone, much less find love again! We know how…
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6 secrets to a healthy and enduring relationship

Recently, I realized that I have spent almost as much time being married as I previously spent being single. I have known my husband for some 30 years now and I can proudly say that my relationship is an imperfect one. While I could not imagine living without him, I have been struck by the…
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Top 5 signs you’re in an unhealthy relationship and how to give it a clean bill of health

Every relationship is an investment. The question is; how much of an investment is it worth? A relationship has the potential to add value to your life by improving your life in all aspects. However, it can also be the exact opposite-an emotionally draining investment. Similar to a bank loan investment, the more you put…
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